My name is Dennis Smit. I am years old and proud dad, avid (board)gamer and movie buff.

Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am a professional freelance software engineer with over years of experience creating exciting (web) apps.

I'm highly skilled developing on Microsoft .NET Core with C#, HTML, SQL, JavaScript and CSS.

I love my job and am always willing to take on new and exciting challenges!

Please see my previous work or contact me if you have any questions regarding my availability.



Since the beginning of dss solutions, I've worked on projects both big and small for a wide variety of clients, such as SeniorWeb, Van Oord and University of Amsterdam.

I've worked on these projects with passion and dedication and am proud to say all clients have been more than satisfied with my efforts!

In my spare time I've also made some applications, such as this app for a popular board game or an attempt at some nostalgia.

Please contact me if you've got questions about my availability.

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